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1) Objective
Itaca Art Investments announces the Fourth edition of The International Art Prize Biennale of Asolo, art contest open to artists of all nationalities and ages, with a special section for “Under 21”. The Prize aims to promote and support contemporary art, through the exhibition of the selected artworks and the chance to compete and win severals awards.

2) Sections
Each artist can partecipate with one or more artworks in more than one section. The theme is free.

Painting – artwork in pencil, crayons, markers, watercolor, oil, acrylic, collage, mixed media. The racommended format for the artworks is up to 100×120 cm.

Graphics– artwork in engraving, strong water, aquatint, screen painting and computer graphics. The racommended format for the artworks is up to 100×120 cm.

Sculpture – artwork carved (on stone, wood or ivory), shaped in yelding material (clay or wax), fuse (metal or plastic) or obtained from metal pieces welding or from aggregation of differents tridimensional materials. The format will have to be notified in advance to the secretariat for the study of the space availability.

Photography – photographs on analogical o digital support, digital processing photographs. The recommended format for artworks is up to 100×120 cm.

Video Art – artwork based on the creation and the reproduction of moving images through video equipment. Artworks must last 15 minutes at most, opening titles and closing credits included.

The formats above mentioned are recommended, any special formats will have to be notified in advance to the secretariat for the study of the space availability.

3) Prizes
The artworks awarded in money will remain property of Itaca Art Investiments S.r.l., owner of the International Art Prize Biennale of Asolo.

Painting Prize:
First prize € 2,000.00
Second prize € 1,200.00
Third prize € 1,000.00

Graphics Prize:
First prize € 1,000.00
Second prize € 800.00
Third prize € 700.00

Sculpture Prize:
First prize € 2,500.00
Second prize € 1,500.00
Third prize € 1,000.00

Only for sculpture section, in case of large artworks, it is possibile to present to the contest the original artwork and, in case of award, leave to the organisation the bronze of the orginal or the small-scale artwork (h. min. 30 cm.) of the same model and material.

Photography Prize:
First prize € 1,000.00
Second prize € 800.00
Third prize € 700.00

Video Art Prize:
First absolute prize € 1,500.00

Special Prizes

Alphadom City Exposition Prize (South Korea)
Among all the artist participants to the Prize, will be chosen an absolute winner to take part to an exhibition in Alphadom City (, cultural and commercial district located in South Korea, partner of Itaca Arts Investiments for the promotion of italian art. The exhibition will take place during the 2017 and provides a max. of n° 5 artworks of the artist, agreed with the organization.

Young Under 21 Prize
First absolute prize € 1,000.00 €
Special Prize reserved to “Under 21” artist registered in this section and selected among all the artistic sections: painting, graphics, sculpture, photography, installation, video art (see point 6 of this announcement).

“Canova’s Venus” Prize
During the exhibition “Venus in the Canova’s lands” (Museo Canova, Possagno and Museo Civico, Asolo), the jury keep a special acknowledge for the artwork which will best rappresent the canovian theme of female beauty, with a contemporary interpretation of the standard of perfection and armony.
The acknowledge can be given to artworks already awarded in other sections.

Purchase Prize
Any purchase prizes, funded by private companies that require the acquisition of the artwork, will be announced later by the organization and assigned only to those who have granted the right to sell the artwork with the declaration of value (registration form) which must be in one of these categories:

Value € 750.00
Value € 1,500.00
Value € 2,000.00

Audience Award
All artworks entered in the first selection of the International Art Prize Biennale of Asolo will be published in the website gallery, and will automatically compete for the Audience Award. The Audience Award will be awarded to the artwork that will receive more preferences through the online voting system, available the day immediately following the deadline for the application form. The winning artwork will access to the final selection without the payment of the admission fee.

Lifetime Achievement Award
The jury assigns the Lifetime Achievement Award to a famous artist invited to the Prize.

Certificates and diplomas
It is scheduled the acknowledgement of a Certificate of Participation for all participants, a Certificate of Merit for the finalists admitted to the second selection and a Diploma of Honour for n. 36 artists reported by the Jury. For all the artists selected are reserved two copies of the Prize Catalogue.

4) Selections

The International Art Prize Biennale of Asolo includes two selections.
First selection: the Jury will evaluate the artworks (their photographs) and the names of selected artists will be published on the website by April 30th, 2016.
The selected artists will have to mail the registered artworks, packaged in simple way (artwork rolled in pluriball in a cartboard case, reusable for back shipping. Other packages will not be accepted), Artworks will have to be presented with frame and installation equipment (one only buttonhole in the middle of the frame) for the setting of the exhibition – otherwise they will be charged a penalty for the additional costs- to the address given in the website when the selected artworks have been published and communicated by the secretariat, by April 30th, 2016.
Second Selection and prizegiving: when the exhibition has been set up, the days before the awards ceremony, the Jury will select 36 finalists awarded with a certificate of honor, and the winners for each section which will be awarded with the prizes specified in Article 3 of this announcement.

The Jury’s decision is irrevocable. The Jury reserves the right not to admit to the competition artworks considered inadequate to the exhibition.

5) Registration and admission fee
The registration fee is € 122,00 (VAT included) for each artwork. The payment of the registration fee entitles artists to access to the first selection.
In case of admission to the second selection, the artist will have to pay an admission fee of additional €183,00 to exhibit their registered artworks to the Prize competition described in Article 3 and to publish them in the Prize catalog.
The payment of registration fees and, later, of admission fees will be made by bank transfer to account Veneto Banca – IBAN: IT20 M050 3561 6500 1457 0322 448 – SWIFT: VEBHIT2MXXX payable to Itaca Art Investments S.r.l., indicating the causal: registration to Asolo Art Biennale 2016, plus name and surname of the artist.

6) Special partecipations

Selected Artists of the past editions of International Art Prize Biennale of Asolo
The artists who passed the selection of International Art Prize Biennale of Asolo in 2010, 2012 or 2014, are entitled to pass directly to the second selection, subject to the payment of the admission fee of € 305,00 (VAT included). Then, artists can exhibit their registered artworks, compete for the Prizes described in Article 3 and publish their artworks in the Prize catalog.

The Jury reserves the right not admit to the competition artworks considered inadequate to the exibition, with refund of admission fee.

Young “under 21”
Are admitted to the section “Under 21” the artist who at registration deadline (March 31st, 2016) will not be 21 years old, after payment of the only registration fee of € 122.00 (VAT included).
The artists, in case of selection, will be admitted directly to the exposition of the artworks registered, without the payment of the admission fee, at the contest “Under 21 Prize”, to the publishing of the artworks on the Prize catalog.
However it is possibile for all under 21 artists to partecipate to all other prizes after the payment of the registration fee and, in case of selection, of the admission fee.

7) Enrollment terms and conditions
The registration deadline is March 31st, 2016
Artists can register:

1) By mail (postmarked) by sending in a sealed envelope to the International Art Prize Biennale of Asolo – Itaca Art Investements – Via Castelcies, 22, 31034 Cavaso del Tomba (TV), ITALY, the following documentation:
– The registration form downloaded from the website, completed in all its parts;
– Copy of the payment of registration fee;
– A photograph of each artwork, printed in color, maximum size 18×24 cm. On the back of each photograph you must be clearly reported the indications about the author and the artwork: name and surname, date and place of birth, address, phone number , email address , title of the artwork, date of execution , technique, format .

2) Online: filling out the online registration form in the website

It is possible to partecipate in multiple sections by paying the registration fee for each individual artwork. It is possible to partecipate with several artworks in the same section by paying the registration fee for each individual artwork.

8) Jury
The Jury is chaired by Giovanni Faccenda.
The other members of the Selection Committee will be communicated after the first selection.

9) Final Prizegiving, exhibition, catalog.
The artworks of the artists who will be admitted to the second selection and in compliance with the payment of the admission fee, will be exhibited at the locations identified in the territory of the Town of Asolo, from May 7th to June 12th, 2016.
The opening hours of the exhibition is: Friday from 4pm to 7.30pm, Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 7.30pm, free entrance.
The award ceremony and the inauguration of the event will take place on Saturday, May 7th, 2016 at 4pm, at Convento SS. Pietro e Paolo in Asolo.
A Catalog-Guide of the event will be published and will contain the photographs of the artworks and the names of the artists, the program of events and the exhibition route.

10) Withdrawal of the artworks
The withdrawal of the artworks on display is under responsibility of the artist. The withdrawal can be done on 14th and 15th of June 2016, from 3pm to 7pm. If the artist could not withdraw the artwork personally, it is possible to arrange the operation with the secretariat, but he/she will be charged for dismantling, packing and shipping costs.

11) Responsibilities
Itaca Art Investments, while ensuring the utmost care and custody of the artworks, is not responsible for any theft, fire, or damage of any nature, to the artworks or to people that could occur during all phases of the event. The insurance of the artworks has to be organized, paid and signed by the artist himself.

12) Consent
Each candidate authorizes Itaca Art Investments Srl. to the processing of personal data in accordance with Law 675/96 (Privacy Law) and subsequent modifications 196/2003 (Privacy Code). Each candidate gives to Itaca Art Investments the rights to reproduce the artworks in catalogs, to archive the registrations and to publish the artworks on the Prize website and on any other means of communication and promotion. Participation in this competition implies the knowledge and acceptance of these regulations.

* Prizes described in Terms and Conditions, point 3.